Board of Directors

Freeport Players’ Guild Board of Directors

FPG Board of Directors Seated (L-R) - Meghan Cooper, Secretary; Sarah Stretton, Vice President; Tiffany Dennison, President; and Caitlin Antoni, Treasurer. Standing (L-R) - Olivia Dorsett, Director; Antonio Guarro, Director; Kenton Pinder, Director; Preston Knowles, Director; Liselle Harris, Past President; and Nina Laing, Director.

FPG Board of Directors
Seated (L-R) – Fallon Symonette, Secretary; Liselle Russell, President; Sue Lynn McCrea, Vice President; and Abigail Beaumont, Treasurer.
Standing (L-R) – Charles LaRoda, Director; Alfred Anderson Lewis, Director; Tiffany Dennison, Past President; Olivia Dorsett, Director; Megan Stuart, Director; and Tony Guarro, Director.


  • Liselle Russell – President/Socials
  • Sue Lynn McCrea – Vice-President/Membership
  • Fallon Symonette – Secretary/ Housekeeping
  • Abigail Beaumont – Treasurer


  • Olivia Dorsett – Rentals & Technical Director
  • Charles LaRoda – Bar Director
  • Antonio Guarro – Maintenance & Security Director
  • Alfred Anderson Lewis – Public Relations Director
  • Megan Stuart – Front of House Director
  • Tiffany Dennison – Past President

YARD Board of Directors

2017 YARD Directors

(L-R) – J’Keana Robinson, Secretary; Lavaughn Hamilton, Director; Alfred Anderson Lewis, Vice President; Preston Knowles, President; Kerel Pinder, Chairperson; and Tony Guarro, Past President

Founded by the Freeport Players’ Guild in 2013, the Young Adults Regency Drama (YARD) Group comprises members between the ages of 18 and 35 who are trained in all aspects of theatre with the goal of continuing the tradition of live theatre on Grand Bahama.


  • Preston Knowles – President
  • Alfred Anderson Lewis – Vice President
  • Tony Guarro – Past-President
  • J’Keana Robinson – Secretary
  • Kerel Pinder – Committee Chairperson
  • Lavaughn Hamilton – Public Relations Director

Little Rascals Board of Directors

The Little Rascals Theatre Group is The Freeport Players’ Guild’s youth programme for youngsters, ages 10 through 17, interested in developing skills in acting and all technical aspects of the theatre.


Seated (L-R) – Josh Hall, Tatum Anthony, President; Adrianna Gardiner, Maeve McCrea Standing (L-R) – Tara Kirkby, Makayla Anthony, Brickell Sands.


 Past Presidents

1961/62: Raymond Tower

1963: Jeffrey Tooth

1964/65: Jack Hayward

1966: Philip Kitchen

1967: Jack Dredge

1968/69: Jack Hayward

1970/71: Jack Dredge

1972: Jack Hayward

1973: Peter Aston

1974/75: Edward Sheeran

1976: Bert Sinden

1977/78: Peter Aston

1979/80: Norma Sheeran

1981: Marion Taylor

1982: Alan Rushton

1983: Peter Aston

1984/85: Martin Gauci

1986: Mary Gottlieb

1987: Susan Dene

1988/89: Darius Williams

1990/91: Kay Saunders

1992: Rose Carson

1993: Sue Lynn Sheppard

1994/95: Wayne Hall

1996: Angela Hackman

1997: Sue Lynn McCrea

1998/99: Andrea Gottlieb

2000: Traci Premo

2001: Charles LaRoda

2002: Wayne Hall

2003-2005: Ivy Elden

2006: Gloria McGlone

2007: Sharon Taylor

2008: Kay Hardy

2009: Paula Fingland

2010: Angela Hackman

2011: Olivia Dorsett

2012: Angela Hackman

2013/14: Liselle Harris

2015/16: Tiffany Dennison

2017: Liselle Russell